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Below is a brief collection of sources for journalistic articles about Ibogaine.

The Independent (UK), Mar. 28 1999 - The Dreaming: A Drug Addict Travels to Italy to Kick His Habit.

The Guardian (UK), Sept. 20 2003 - Ten Years of Therapy in One Night: A Journalist Investigates.

Black Book Magazine, Spring 2000 -Taking the Cure : A journalist investigates.

Giorgio Samorini is a scientist from Italy and has written extensively about traditional Africian Iboga use. He is also an expert on drug sybols in religious art. Adam, Eve and Iboga

Giorgio Samorini's report on the native Bwiti Religion of central Africa The Bwiti Religion

Nick Sandberg on Iboga-tourism in Central Africa

Protocol for Ibogaine Initiations by Anže Tavčar about the EU recognized religion from Slovinia The Sacrament of Transition .

A collection of ibogaine news articles, compiled by the original discoverer of ibogaine's anti-addictive effects, Howard Lotsof

A user account of iboga therapy - Taking the Left Hand Path -by author Preston Peet

Patrick Kroupa was an early computer hacker and sucessful internet professional. Here is a personal account of his travels through addiction and finally redemption with the aid of ibogaine Heroin, Ibogaine and Patrick Kroupa by Marc Powell

The 2006 New York Ibogaine Forum took place at Lerner Hall, Columbia University, New York and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, New York, on Sat 25 - Sun 26 February 2006. For a conference report and link to pics check forum reports

The Importance of Psychonautics for the Modern World by Hattie Wells